To Kendal and Jenny,

On behalf of the children of Growing Tots Play and Preschool, I would like to thank you for making Mondays something special for the children to look forward to.

It has not only taught the children to remember the days of the week, but it has also taught them to understand time value.

You have both been an inspiration to the children, and they look forward to each lesson with you as it is always exciting, something new and enjoyable. At the end of each lesson the children have chatted excitedly amongst themselves and even showed each other what they learned that morning.

My philosophy is ‘Through Play We Develop a Love for Learning”. That seems to be that is what you believe in as well. Years back I taught Top tots, which is based on almost the same concept as Action Ball. The difference is that you have made Gross Motor activities an integral part of your programme.

I strongly urge all Preschools to implement Action Ball as part of their programme, as it adds so much value to a child.

Kind Regards,
Denise Cooper